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Test Post

I’m in a testing mood tonight and put together a list of tests that you can run your blog or website through if you feel up to learning more about your pages…

1. See what grade level your blog is at with a Readability Test. (The original link has been replaced with a more informative one. The older one kept on becoming unavailable, and there were some issues involving possible web spam associated with it.)

2. Find out if the Gender Genie can predict the gender of your blog’s author.

3. Gauge how well the HTML or XHTML of your blog validates with the W3C Markup Validation Service.

4. Discover whether your site is available behind the Great Firewall of China.

5. Check out how accessible your website might be with the Wave Accessibility Tool.

6. Take a peek at how your site might appear on an iPhone.

7. Explore your site to see if you have broken links.

8. Let Microsoft Adcenter determine how much commercial intent your site seems to have.

9. Make your site render in grayscale.

10. Get an estimate of how many visitors your site gets a day.

11. See how your site looks in different browsers.

12. Extract the Colors and their names from your site.

13. Catch people who might be plagiarizing your words on the Web.

14. Convert your site to text only (no longer available) to make it easier to read on a phone or other handheld device.

15. Translate your page into another language (I liked how mine looked in Traditional Chinese).

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